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The law is diverse and rather than focus on too many areas of law, our team philosophy has been to focus on specific areas of law and to be terrific in those areas.

Now that doesn't mean we can't handle any form of legal representation, instead we choose to focus and specialize on specific areas. It is common for us to refer cases to other specialized attorneys as we believe you, the client, will be better served.

Our office has extensive experience and provides specific representation in these areas of law:

Business Law

  • formation of corps
  • structuring
  • sale or purchase
  • by laws or operating agreements
  • contracts and business litigation

Collection Practices

  • medical and dental practices
  • business collections
  • special civil court case experience

Employment Law

  • protecting employees
  • employment agreements
  • employment litigation
  • employment discrimination
  • disability discrimination
  • age discrimination
  • wrongful retaliation
  • wrongful termination
  • severance agreement negotiations
  • non-competition agreements

Health Care Law

  • provider contracts & agreements
  • employment agreements
  • failure to pay claims

Insurance Law

  • bad faith of insurance companies
  • wrongful denial of claims

Internet Defamation & Online Libel

False statements made on the internet can severely damage a company's reputation. Lies and misinformation on the internet can spread just as easily and quickly as legitimate consumer complaints or concerns. The seeming anonymity and anything goes attitude of the internet brings out the worst in people and even thoughtless or foolish comments can have serious consequences.

Defamation is an act in which an untrue statement is made to a third party and causes harm to the subject and/or their reputation. Libel is defamation that is written such as in a review online. Most often, online defamation and libel occur through posting a bulletin board post, web page, comment, rating, review or blog. The Communications Decency Act provides immunity to internet service providers for comments posted by their users but this doesn't protect the user leaving the offending or damaging comment.

At Singer Law Practice, our experienced attorneys know how important it is to handle internet defamation and online libel immediately. We work to identity and stop the defamer, remove all defamatory content from both websites and search engine indices and then we seek to recover damages.

Litigation (General and Complex Matters)

Personal Injury Law

Real Estate Law

Securities Litigation and Arbitration