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We've Spent Years with New York City's Finest Firms and Legal Departments

Our team was founded by two attorneys who spent years practicing law at one of the country's most prominent and well respected law firms (Proskauer Rose) and the legal department at one of the most sophisticated institutions in world (Goldman Sachs).

Together, they wanted the opportunity to continue using their crafted legal skills while providing a more personal and affordable level of legal representation to their clients.

One of the great things about working with us is that you don't get a single person, you get a team.

Working together with our support staff, we've built a team approach to our legal representation. All team members know about the matters being handled and all of our team members are available for you. Every member of this team is considering and reviewing every possibility that would benefit your matter, leaving no stone unturned!

Our team approach not only builds confidence, it builds a true sense of partnership within, which then carries over to our legal representation. And when that happens, everyone wins, most importantly our clients!

About the Attorneys

Scott J. Singer

Mr. Scott Singer received his J.D. from New York Law, located in New York City, in 1997.

Immediately upon graduation, Mr. Singer worked in several of New York City's largest law firms, where he sharpened his legal skills by working side by side with the nations's finest attorneys and gained invaluable experience. Mr. Singer holds multiple black belt degrees in several forms of karate and has peviously qualified for the Olympic Karate Team. That level of hard work, dedication, discipline, and respect needed for such accomplishments carries over to all areas of his life, most specifically his professional career. Hard work, persistence, and a refusal to back down define his legal representation.

When Mr. Singer is not working, he is spending time with his wife (Nadine) and their three children. Mr. Singer spends a great deal of time focused on youth basketball and gains a great deal of pride and accomplishment from the coaching and development of the kids he coaches.

Nadine H. Singer

Mrs. Nadine Singer received her J.D. from New York Law, located in New York City, in 1997.

She worked as an in house attorney for some of the world's most respected and admired corporations, most notably Goldman Sachs. During her tenure, Mrs. Singer gained invaluable experience dealing with incredibly complex issues. While in that environment, Mrs. Singer learned the true meaning of advocating for the client and representing each client with passion and zeal.

In addition to her law practice, Mrs. Singer is involved in her community, where she serves on the Board of Directors and Executive/Advisory Committees of several not-for-profit organizations and charities. She also is involved in and leads many fund raising activites and events within local school districts. Her dedication and relentless persistence has been invaluable to these beneficiaries.

Her hard work and dedication to her community, helps to define her as an attorney who is both caring and understanding of her clients. At the same time, Mrs. Singer possesses a persistent, firm approach with the main goal of winning on behalf of each and every client.